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Revolutionary screentime control and educational app.

Parents never worry about your child's screen time again. Screen Time Master is for children of all ages, it allows parents to set screen time limits, which can be automatically extended by your children, but only if they successfully pass educational quizzes which are tailored to their age and ability. Screen time just became useful. Brilliant.

80% of children have screen time habits of up to 20 hours a week, Screen Time Master creates an amazing opportunity for parents and children to engage in their child's education and help them improve their grades.

How does it work?

Its simple set up screentime limits, select quizzes and relax and let Screen Time Master empower you and your child's screentime and education.

Depending on your platform (Android or Apple IOs) the installation and setup procedure differ slightly, but basically, Parents set up schedules on their child's devices which control the following:

  • Select the amount of screen time before certain apps and categories of apps are paused (can still make calls/sms etc.)
  • Select the apps and app categories that will be paused. For example social media and games could be paused but educational apps remain unpaused.
  • Select quiz parameters that are appropriate for your child's age and skill level.
  • Select the type of quiz, for example maths, spelling, or a combination of both.
  • If your child is successful in passing the quiz, select how long the screen time extension will last before screen time is blocked again.
  • Set up daily/weekly schedules to suit each individual child’s needs, for example you may not want to pause your child’s phone on weekends or certain hours of the day.
  • Refer to our documentation for exact instructions.

Quizzes tailored to age and ability

Our quiz database has thousands of different questions for children of all ages. We cater for children from preschool to year 12 and the questions are constantly changing and being upgraded to ensure your child’s progress.

  •  Mathematics
  •  Spelling
  •  Reporting
  •  Scheduling

Screentime meets education and results

Screentime is so hard to control for all parents. Screen Time Master takes this headache away for you. Set schedules to suit your own needs and relax with the peace of mind that Screen Time Master is monitoring your child and ensures they are also revising and learning. Our aim is to embrace screentime and ensure that children are learning and being educated.

Reporting system

Don’t wait for reports, parent interviews or test results to find out how your child is progressing. Our reports will tell you every day how your child is progressing. Screen Time Master will tailor questions to them and the repetitive nature and revision will no doubt help them to improve.

Case studies

William, 6 years old

William was struggling with Maths at school in particular multiplication. William was spending a lot of time on his devices playing games and watching online videos. William's parents installed Screen Time Master. On any given day after 45 minutes, William's device was blocked and he was given multiple choice questions to answer to unblock his phone. If William successfully passed his test the screentime extension was set to a further 15 minutes before it blocked again. William used his device for around 3 hours each day and so he was given 10 maths quizzes every day. William's maths improved out of sight, he is now top of his class in multiplication, he likes the quizzes and has become empowered by using screen time master.

Jessica, 15 years old

Jessica was struggling with Maths and English at school. Jessica was spending countless hours each day on social media. Jessica's parents installed screen time master. On any given day after 1 hour, Jessica's device was paused for all social media apps and she was given Maths and English multiple choice questions to successfully answer to unblock her phone. If Jessica successfully passed her test the screentime extension was set to a further 20 minutes before it paused again. So if Jessica used her device for 5 hours on any given day she would be required to do 13 Maths/English tests. Jessica’s grades improved within weeks of using Screen Time Master and she has said that it has actually helped her like school more because she now understands what is going on in class.

Katie, parent, 46 years old

I have an 11 year old son and a 17 year old daughter that both spend way too much time on their devices. The problem with other screen time controls is that my 11 year old son has to come to me to get me to extend screen time, it is not automatic so he is always hassling me to extend his screentime. I also see my son and daughter on their devices a lot each day. With Screen Time Master once the screen time limit is reached my son needs to pass a quiz and screentime is automatically extended, no need for me to get involved. With my daughter at least I know if she is using her device she is also doing revision and learning. Thank you Screen Time master you have stopped my son hassling me and given me peace of mind my children are learning.

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